Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We are getting a surprise package from Ireland!

Hey Superkiddos! We didn't know this since our Internet has been down all day, but Mr. Quinn's class has ALREADY SENT their Irish treats to us! After Ian went to bed I checked Twitter and they'd blogged about it...I tried to link it to our blog for you, but my iPad wouldn't do it and Mr. Overman left our other computer at work. Boo! I think you're going to LOVE what they're sending...and we're all going to be surprised too!

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  1. Can anybody remeber what they said they were going to send us? Mrs.Overman what kind of treats did they send us? Im so excited! We are trying to look for Pay days for our snacks. so just hold on Mr.quins class We well try and have it mailed on Friday and hopefuly you guys get our snacks from Amarica so you can eat them.Well thats all for know Mrs.Overman. I hope those Irlend treats are as good as ours! I pretty shure they are! happy eating Mrs.Overman especialy if their is Donuts extra very yum!