Thursday, October 6, 2011

News for the week of 10/3-10/7

This week we have:

  • learned that our thinking changes as we read and learn new ideas.
  • added lots of things in our writers' notebooks that may one day become stories. 
  • worked on facts, counting by twos, and math story problems.
Spelling words for next week:
  • best
  • can't
  • little
  • name
  • gym
  • saw
  • small
  • was
  • were
  • won't
Things YOU need to know:
  • Our fundraising Warrior Walk-A-Thon is Friday, October 14th. Great job to everyone who has raised some money for this. It's our only fundraiser this year and it's going to be great! We'll all walk together outside (weather permitting) and everyone gets their own Warrior water bottles!
  • Our first field trip of the year is Monday, October 17th. We will be going to Doud's Orchard. This is always a great time for the kids--we'll pick apples, choose pumpkins, watch apple sorting, learn about making honey, and tour a giant freezer! We'll also have a picnic lunch and go on a hayride!
  • Our second field trip is to Koinonia Environmental and Retreat Center. We will be learning about all things in nature and how to take care of our world.
  • Next week is fire prevention week. Make sure all your smoke detectors are working!
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