Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet O Donut Factory.

Assembly Line Production (kids worked together as a team to make as many donuts as they could...each person had one job in making each donut)

Today we learned about production. We learned in factories that there are assembly lines and unit production. This is our assembly line for making donuts.

Breanna's job in the assembly line was to punch out the donuts.

Kendra's job in the line was to put a milk sticker on the back.

Adam's job was to add the flour.

Abi's job was to add eggs.

The donut was passed to Ashton, where he added the filling (blueberry!).

Unit Production (each person makes a whole donut, start to finish)
Daetona's added milk to each donut she made.

Everyone at Caleigh's table made their own donuts.

Claira and Kaleb made several donuts themselves, too.

Maddy added eggs to her donuts.

We discovered that when kids each made their own donuts individually without an assembly line, they made more donuts. This means unit production was more effective than the assembly line, although not by much (they only made 10 more donuts than the assembly liners!).

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