Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Setting Tells Us Lots!

We're pretty sure the cricket lives "out in the middle of nowhere." Look behind can see all the stars and everything.

We're thinking these witches live in a corn field, but since they all have pumpkins and their house is pumpkins, maybe they have a pumpkin patch nearby.

Laura lived a long time ago, we think. See her log cabin? And we see stumps in the yard...maybe they made her cabin out of those trees. We think the fence could maybe protect the family from dangerous things.

We can tell from David's bedspread that he probably likes airplanes. We also think he sleeps with a bear.

We're pretty sure these fish don't live in Lake's too clean and blue!

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  1. You are doing lots of great work on settings. We're going to be doing that in a couple of weeks time in our English lessons. We will come back to your pages to see what you did then.
    Mrs. Elrick