Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We're Drafting and Working in our Notebooks.

Avery thought of some Halloween story ideas.

Gavin started a book about God.

Dylan is making a tree book. Don't you think something is going to happen under that tree?

Brady worked in his notebook on a possible story about his brother.

Mark worked in his notebook on a dragon diagram.

Elizabeth started a Christmas/Cat story.

Claira is making a space book.

Breanna started a story but realized it needed to be turned into a book.

Abi wrote about her dad going to England.

Adam started a tank idea.

Kendra started a book about her dad.

Mya started a dog book.

Lupito wrote a book about his parents.

Makensie started a Halloween story in her notebook.

Kelsey worked in her notebook about things to remember.

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