Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Field Trip to the Orchard

This is a picture of were they make the apple cider.

The crates are used for them to put the bottles of apple cider in.

This building is a giant refrigerator where they keep apples. They can keep the apples in there for more than a year and they won't rot.

One tree can fill up the whole crate with apples.

We are in the refrigerator building. It was between 34 and 40 degrees F.

This is the refrigerator that has lots of apples.

This is the corn maze called the "Craze Maze." We got lost in it and there were a bunch of caterpillars.

This is a picture of people on the trail in the corn maze.

Mackensie, Kaleb, Adam, Beau, and Elizabeth at the end of the corn maze.

This is the pumpkin patch. We all got to pick a pumpkin and  keep it.

These are the apple trees that they pick from for the crates. 

We are picking our pumpkins.

This is Caleigh with her pumpkin.

Claira was trying to get her pumpkin.

Kelsey, Avery, and Caleigh with their pumpkins

Kendra with her pumpkin

We are on the hayride/chair ride. It was fun!

Then we got to pick our apples and eat them on the hayride.

Picking apples

Beau looking straight at his apple

Here we are eating our apples.

We are watching them grade the apples. "A" apples are good, "B" apples are good, "C" apples were for cider, and "F" apples were thrown out! It was like grading papers.

Watching them sort the apples.

We watched a movie about bees.

On the right side of the picture is a beehive. Bees dance to show each other where good flowers are.

This is the beehive.

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