Thursday, March 8, 2012

Determining Importance.

We've been learning to retell stories and that when we do, we don't have to tell every single detail the author wrote. Today we decided we really needed to think about what is most important and what's not, so we made lists of things we'd need if we went...


to a sleepover,

in the boat all day,

and to an indoor waterpark.

Then we took a good, hard look at our lists to decide if maybe we wrote some things that needed to be crossed off.
You don't HAVE to have a squirt gun to play at Splash Universe.

It would be nice to take swim toys to Florida, but they aren't absolutely necessary.

Video games and a camera would be nice while camping, but you can go without them.

You wouldn't have to take extra clothes on your boat if it was warm.
We learned when we retell stories, we need to decide what parts we MUST remember (main ideas) and what parts are just extra things (supporting details).

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