Friday, March 23, 2012

Slicing is hard.

Mya said, "When I know my Slice of Life is going to be really short, I think of stuff to make it longer."

What are some things you add to your Slices to make them longer?

Dylan: I quit for a minute and think for a little bit.

Kelsey: I add made-up and weird words.

Claira: I add more words, like I tell them what's really happening.

Abi: I add important words.

Mya: I added what we did before we had popsicles.

Beau: I added my sister in my slice because I forgot about her and I added a lot of stuff about her.

Avery: I added a little comma at the bottom instead of the period so my sentence wasn't over.

Dylan: Think in your head what you're writing--what you'll write next.

Mrs. O: Sometimes I like to sketch pictures and then I remember more things.

Abi: Add things that are important to you, like friends.


  1. Wonderful, I hope you don't mind if I share your comments with my class. It might help them with their slices! Thank you for sharing! Great ideas! Happy Slicing! :)

  2. What smart ideas! I do some of those things myself. Usually I stop and think a while and then get back to my slice.

  3. Mmm, sketching while you wait to write or write more. I'll try that.