Monday, March 5, 2012

Slice of Life #3: Mrs. Overman

I am freezing from the end of September until the end of May. So basically, anytime the temperature outside is below 70 degrees, I'm freezing.

It's a yearly tradition.

Year after year I find myself in search of signs of Spring. Warm temperatures, songbirds sweetly singing, tiny buds on the trees, furry bunnies hopping around my yard, and...robins.

This year I'm searching for Spring for two reasons: 1) I'm cold; 2) I'm having a baby at the beginning of May. C'mon, Spring!

I have been on a robin search for about a month now. Somehow, I've been thinking that if I see one it'll make Spring get here faster. I've only seen a few Mallard ducks, white buds on my pear tree, and green daylilies poking through the old mulch...until this morning.

I pulled up to our babysitter's house, opened the car door to get my son out of the back and--HEY, PRESTO!--three orange and gray robins were hopping around the gravel driveway right next to my car!

This is a very important day.

*Grownup readers: My apologies for the highlighted adjectives...that's our mini-lesson for today. :)


  1. Now this day has been recorded so spring is on the way.
    I love that you've chosen certain words to color. This smacks of a mentor text for that craft. We'll be exploring "why is this word red?" Thanks.

  2. There was yesterday, and now there is every day after today...the day you saw a robin! I can actually relate. I too relish in seeing a robin. I have been known to dangerously slam on my breaks (luckily in my residential neighborhood) at the sight!

  3. This is sweet! Spring is here!
    (I must admit to being astounded that you feel the least bit cold with a baby due in a couple of months. That was not my experience.)
    But, Spring warms us all!
    Thanks for sharing.