Thursday, March 15, 2012

Figuring Out What's Important.

We put some rocks and sand in a sieve and shook them around to see what happened. The little bits of rock and all the sand fell through the sieve, and the big chunks of rock and sticks stayed in. Our brains work just like this when we read. We hang onto the big, important things and let the little things fall through.

We read "Thunder Cake" by Patricia Polacco. While reading, we talked with our partners about the important things our brains kept in them and the things we just let go and forgot about.

These are the "big rocks"/important things our brains held on to.

These are the things we shook out of brains like the sand and little pebbles that went through the sieve. They weren't important enough to remember.
This is what we asked ourselves when we were done reading. We decided Patricia Polacco wanted us to know a few things, like maybe it's good to distract yourself when you're scared, and maybe everyone is scared of something.

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