Monday, March 26, 2012

Slice of Life: Mrs. Overman

Well, just when I thought I was out of the pregnancy's baaaaaack for a repeat performance with just six weeks to go!

Hooray. *rolls eyes*

I hope you can sense my sarcasm.

Apparently Baby Brenna is now taking up so much space near my tummy that even the slightest bit of extra food pushes me to the edge. It's lovely.

Sunday morning Evan asked me to make our favorite homemade waffles for breakfast before church. I whipped them up, cooked a little one for Ian, cooked Evan's, then mine. I ate my crispy vanilla-cinnamon waffle right delicious and fluffy, with just a bit of light syrup and light butter. A glass of ice-cold milk topped it off nicely. 

Then...well, let's just say I saw it again very quickly.

But no need to fret! I managed to eat another breakfast right after that. And held it down perfectly.

Pregnancy: it's not for wimps.


  1. You are so right. Pregnancy is not for wimps! Good luck with your last 6 weeks. And here's to lots of fun and joy with baby Brenna.

  2. No kidding! I was finished with morning sickness pretty early on, but I've had friends didn't have the same luck. One carried a bag of lemons in her purse to help quell the nausea. Hope you're over it soon!

  3. No, it most certainly is not. The nausea component is daunting. And uncomfortable. And evicting. But, totally worth it as you already know in duplicate. BTW: Love the name. I have a very deep connection to it. :) Thanks for sharing your Sunday-morning-breakfast slice!

  4. Oh, how I feel for you! I remember well those final days when eating was a challenge...and it has been over 17 years! Your final pronouncement is right on target! Good luck!