Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slice of Life: Mrs. Overman

Last night I was as tired as ever. Being 34 weeks pregnant, I no longer sleep more than about three hours at a time thanks to having to pee nonstop (No, I don't believe the whole "It's your body getting you ready for the baby" scenario. How in the world does losing sleep now making losing more sleep later from the baby easier?). I do what I can to keep my energy up (exercising, eating well, getting to bed at a decent time)...I can't imagine what I'd be like if I didn't.

Anyway, yesterday I came home from a day of walking around school as usual after picking up Ian. Together my little superhero and I made homemade (healthy) granola bars, munched on the uncooked "dough," and got dinner ready together. Then Evan came home and spent some quality "man time" with Ian; together they played hide-and-seek and wrestled while I finished up dinner.

We had a lovely family dinner as usual, sprinkled with two-year-old conversation (always a plus), and put Ian in the tub. Soon we were picking out Buzz Lightyear jammies, brushing teeth, and reading stories with him. Before I knew it, Ian was in bed.

If only I could sit on the couch doing NOTHING for a bit....

Quickly Evan started cleaning up the dinner dishes and loading the dishwasher while I packed our lunches for the next day. I immediately went to the couch to work on the book Ruth and I are writing while Evan fed our two other hairy (Golden Retriever) children.

Finally, after much writing, I unloaded the laundry, folded it, put it away, had a snack, showered, and fell into bed.

Can I just get one more hour in the day? I'm tired from just writing this, and I'm not nearly as busy as half the people I know!

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  1. I have to say, I would like 1 more hour in the day too-just to sleep I think! It's so great that you were able to get everything done that you did!
    Speaking from experience here-enjoy your time with one because when you have 2 everything changes-it'll rock one's world! It's much harder to have 2! Even though they are totally worth it! Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of being prego! Goodluck with labor and delivery!