Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slice of Life: Mrs. Overman

Random thoughts. I'm trying to keep my pencil going for an entire ten minutes. Ambitious, huh? Maybe not for some people. I've asked the kids to try too, so I am doing it with them.

I'm exhausted today. Absolutely exhausted. We still have a sick Golden Retriever (this has happened before, so I'm a little concerned, but not too worried) keeping us up at night. We love our dogs like our own children and would do mostly anything for them...including taking them to the vet when it's inconvenient and sacrificing sleep.

Why must some kids always make noise? I think it's because it's so loud at their houses they're almost uncomfortable with silence. Or they just need to fidgit...? Oh well. I've learned to tune MOST of the crazy noises out after seven years of teaching and then having a toddler. It's not really too bothersome.

It's colder today than it has been lately. Actually, it's really just normal for this time of year; we've just been spoiled with 80-degree temps over the last few weeks.

My mom is here to paint Brenna's room today. I'm glad because at this point, I think I'm so tired that painting is about the last thing on my list of things to do. I hope we can get more stuff done before she gets here...5 weeks and 6's getting close, thank goodness! I must be looking as if I'm about to explode because people keep looking at me saying, "Oh, hi...and how are you doing?" with a little bit of a sympathy nod afterwards. Ha!

We read "City Dog, Country Frog" by Mo Willems today. It's such a great story, although I felt bad for the poor doggie who lost his froggy friend. If only the main character would have been a cat, I wouldn't have been so sad...joking! Well...kinda.

Hmm...more random connected thoughts. I could use a nap right now. Really. I'm excited that next week, Spring Break, will be full of long mommy/toddler naps and relaxing days. Although, we do have a few things planned throughout the week, but it still should be relaxing.

My mom is here now, but she's going home tonight and coming back tomorrow with my dad when he's done working. Maybe we could squeeze in a date night if they're here early enough. That would be fun! We rarely eat out (or carry out, or anything!), so when we get to, it's really a treat.

Baby shower next weekend...I know it's not traditional to have one for baby #2, but my sister-in-law (who is so sweet) wanted to have one because she wasn't around for Ian's shower. I said "Of course!". We've just asked people to bring diapers, cute little girl things, etc. We have the main things we need for having an actual baby of any kind. :)

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