Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slice of Life: Day 4













  1. Hey Guys- you rock!!! Keep it up!!

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  3. Kids, you are remarkable. You are learning to share your thoughts and actions. I love how you are creating pictures in my mind. Slice on.
    Nick, I heard birds today too. I'm anxious for spring. Beau, my youngest son complains about his bedtime too and he's 13. I did feel your emotion. Maddy, I'm glad you gave your dad a hug. Abi, I'm glad you love school. My favorite is the library.Makensie, I want to touch your rabbit, so soft.Your chicks sound adorable. I would love to hold one. Taylor, I'm glad you like stories. They are the best. Dylan, it was nice of you to write about your cousin. Brady, your picture showed lots of action and you seemed to be having fun with your game. Mark, an annoying sister, huh? Well hopefully you can have some fun another time. Dominic, you seemed to have some fun at recess. Be careful.Gavin, congrats on winning the game. How fun!

  4. It is so nice to read all your words - and see the pictures you draw or realize the ones in my head that you are creating. My kids liked to play with those foam bullets too - very annoying.

  5. I enjoyed reading your writing today. I like the pictures also. I was happy for Gavin having a team win. Great job out there! Dominic seems to enjoy recess quite a bit with all his friends. Abi, it is nice to hear that you love school so much. You like LOTS of things about school! Maddy, I know how it feels to have to wait a long time for someone, and how happy you are when you finally see them pull into the driveway! Rabbits are so cute and soft, Makensie. I used to have one too! Taylor, how special that you get to have stories read to you. I love hearing stories! Dylan, I hope your cousin is getting better. I don't like it when people get hurt. Nick, isn't it great to see the bugs and birds now! I like finding out the names of the birds I see. Do you? Brady, be careful out there on the playground. It sounds like you have a lot of friends to play with. Mark, it is fun to play with the foam shooters, but some people, like your sister, don't like the surprise! She didn't get hurt, but I think it probably just surprised her too much.
    Thanks for letting me read your writing!

  6. I also want to say how much I enjoyed your Chocolate for Teachers blog. I read every entry last night instead of doing the laundry. I am retired as of this year, and my husband had always told me to write down the gems that were bestowed upon me as a first grade teacher for so many years. If we'd had blogging then, I would have. I just didn't have the foresight to put them all on paper. I remember a few, but how sweet to come across your site. I could put mmy own students' faces to many of the exchanges!