Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slice of Life: Mrs. Overman

The flowers are poking through our mulch now. It's lovely.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that we all headed outside as soon as we were home from work and school. The sun was shining and it was warm--albeit windy--in our neighborhood. 

Ian didn't care what we did outside as long as he could be outside. He is truly his mother's child in that sense. 

Evan began scooping the poop in the yard (hey, we have two large retrievers!) while I cleaned the brown, crispy leaves off the lilies struggling to poke through.

"Ian, come here!" I said. "Look, I found baby flowers!"

"Oh, baby flowers?" he said.

"Yep, and look, there's a little spider!"

He froze. He could sense where this was going.

For some reason, he really hates spiders. 

"Come look, buddy!" I called.

"No, Mommy."

"Just come here for a minute...before he goes back home to his mommy," I said.

"Okay. He goes back home to his mommy after this!" he said, and then agreed to come over.

Lesson learned: If there's a way to make a scary thing on the same level as a toddler, it will automatically make it less scary. Like spiders going home to their mommies.

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  1. "Just come here for a minute...before he goes back home to his mommy."

    What a wise response, Christi. Clearly you know your son, and kids, very well.