Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slice of Life: Mrs. Overman

There were banana muffins in the oven baking for Ian's snack. I could smell that they were just about finished, so I picked Ian up and we went to pull them out of the oven together. Pivoting on my right leg with Ian on my other hip, I put my hand on the oven door and felt a crack in my leg. I fell to the ground and I heard Ian's head hit the hardwood floor. He was crying, but he was okay. I felt white-hot pain sear through my leg and up to my head. I'm going to pass out, I thought. Wait--I can't pass out...I have an 11-month old baby here on the floor, a hot oven, and bread that will catch fire if I do! By the grace of God, my cell phone was near enough for me to reach (it NEVER is that close, and I certainly don't remember putting it there), and I dialed 911. Just minutes later I heard our door open, and in came a neighbor, Evan, some firemen, and the EMTs. Off to the hospital I went!


  1. Oh no!! How horrible!
    And then you sliced about it--wow. I hope things are looking (and feeling) at least some better.

  2. Holy Cow! What a story! Hope there is a Chapter Two so we can know that happened!

  3. Ouch! I cringed when I read that "crack." How are you now? Tell more, you've left me hanging.

  4. Yikes! Is that the price you pay for baking?